MAS Museum, Antwerp.

Polyester Powder Coated with Protech - Oxyplast PE52 Series Matt.

Central Station, Antwerp.

Polyester Powder Coated with Protech - Oxyplast PE52 Series Matt

City Hall, Ghent

Coated with Protech - Oxyplast Z-series™ Super Durable & Ag-kote™ Low Bake Powder Coating.

Street Furniture, Antwerp.

Coated in Protech - Oxyplast X-Graf® ANTI-GRAFFITI Sandtex Finish Powder Coating.

Golden Terraces Mall in Warsaw, Poland

Coated with Protech - Oxyplast PE50 & PE52 Series Qualicoat approved powder coatings.

The Waalse Krook : City Library in Ghent

Coated in Protech - Oxyplast PE52 Architectural Polyester Powder in Matt Sandtex Finish.

External Panels coated with Protech - Oxyplast Ag-kote™ RAL 9006 Sandtex Low Bake Polyester Powder Coating.

Wroclavia Shopping Mall & Train Station, Poland.

New Atrium, Amsterdam.

Protech-Oxyplast produced a very modern and highlighting bronze powder coating for the Atrium project (Protech colour code: DM312M8052) covering approx. 20.000 m² of facade panels.

Citypoint, London

Aluminium decking coated with PE44-ST Anti-Slip in Anthracite

Protech – Oxyplast Powder Coating

One of the World’s Most Innovative Producers of Powder Coatings

Oxyplast UK is a powder coating producer based in Lancashire. We provide high-quality powder coating products for the architectural, general industrial and automotive markets. We offer an exceptional service and stock over 1,000 products. We deliver bespoke manufactured products and we continually apply our specialisation in innovation.

The Protech-Oxyplast Group continues to expand its product lines as it relentlessly strives to provide the service that its customers have grown to expect. Our activities are not just limited to thermoset powder coatings. Protech-Oxyplast is proud to announce that through our recent acquisitions of Innotek and Thermoclad, we are now able to offer a full range of thermoplastic powder coatings. These product additions make the Protech-Oxyplast Group unique among global powder coating producers in terms of the breadth of powder technologies offered.

Please explore our web-site to see how the Protech-Oxyplast Group can help you with your coating requirements.


Product Developments Include:

AG-KOTE™ Low-Bake Polyester Powder Coatings
AG-KOTE™ Anti-Gassing Powder Coatings
ANTI-SLIP Powder Coatings
CLONECOAT™ In Mould Powder Coatings
CURVECOAT™ Post Bendable Powder Coatings
Ē-BOND™ Metallic Powder Coatings
EF-SERIES™ Functional Epoxy Powder Coatings
ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Powder Coatings
HELIOCOAT® Heat Resistant Powder Coatings

Hi-Life Premium Primers Multi-layer systems for enhanced corrosion protection
NANOFOIL® Ultra Thin Film Powder Coatings
NUVOCOAT® UV Cure Powder Coatings
OXYPLAST UK Product List 2020
PERMASLIP® Low Friction Powder Coatings
SOL-AR™ Architectural Fluoropolymer Powder Coatings
STERILCOAT-AM® Antimicrobial Powder Coatings
THERMOLAM™ Ultra Low Bake Powder Coatings for Heat Sensitive Substrates
VELVACOAT™ Soft Touch Powder Coatings
X-GRAF® Anti-Grafitti Powder Coatings
Z-SERIES™ Super Durable Powder Coatings


With manufacturing facilities and licensees throughout the world, the Protech – Oxyplast brand is one of the most recognisable within the powder coating market.
Over the years, the brand has grown to represent a top-quality product. This is backed up by an unsurpassed dedication to customer service and a commitment to research & development.

At Oxyplast UK, we continue to expand our product lines and relentlessly strive to provide the service that our customers have grown to expect. Fully researching our powder coating products will prove worthwhile as Oxyplast UK offers much more than you have come to expect but have always required.