Protech/Oxyplast’s EF-series™ is the ideal coating solution for high corrosion and chemical resistant requirements. These powders can be used as a one-coat protective application or as the base coat in a three-coat system. EF-series™ powders are formulated to provide a flexible yet extremely durable finish. These epoxy powders have also proven to provide superior adhesion properties and superior resistance to delamination and cathodic disbondment. The EF-series™ conforms to ASTM 775 and has been approved by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration for the protective coating of shot-blasted reinforcing bars. The EF-series™ is also an ideal application for metal packaging used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. The powders are completely impermeable preventing the metal packaging from coming into contact with the enclosed contents. The EF-series™ are 360º powders which allows a consistent application to the entire inner area of the substrate. They are totally inert powders compliant with global regulatory agencies such as the FDA. The EF-series™ demonstrates excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and, like all Protech/Oxyplast products, is environmentally friendly.


■ Superior resistance to cathodic disbondment and delamination
■ Ideal as one coat pipe protection or base for three coat application
■ Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
■ Highly flexible
■ Excellent adhesion to steel and other potentially oily metallic substrates
■ Ideal application for concrete reinforcing bars and pipes
■ Meets ASTM 775
■ Approved by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration for the protective covering of shot blasted bars
■ Inert coatings compliant with global regulatory agencies (eg FDA) requirements for direct contact
■ Consistent smooth 360º finish
■ Totally impermeable, tasteless coating