Curvecoat™ is Protech/Oxyplast’s line of post-bendable powder coatings. These powders are formulated to allow the bending and re-shaping of metal without cracking or splitting after it has been coated. This characteristic allows the hanging of larger unformed parts which then results in more effective spraying, lower transport costs and reduced packaging expenses.  Curvecoat™ powders are extremely durable and display excellent adhesion and mechanical properties.  They are the ideal coating solution for any metal that must be reshaped after being painted.  And, like all Protech/Oxyplast powder coatings, Curvecoat™ is an environmentally friendly product.


■ Allows post bending without cracking or chipping
■ Dramatically reduces material handling issues
■ Lowers transport and packaging costs
■ Excellent durability and chemical resistance
■ Available in a wide range of colours and textures
■ Eliminates post-painting operation