What is Qualicoat?

A Specifications for a Quality Label for liquid and powder organic coatings on aluminium for architectural applications.

The Standard for Coated Architectural Aluminium

Powder coating is the most popular finish for many architectural features found on today’s modern architecture. QUALICOAT is a standard which encompasses all the current European standards and insists that the output be checked by an independent body.

The aim of these Specifications is to establish minimum requirements which plant installations, organic coating materials, chemical conversion materials, processes and finished products shall meet. These Specifications are designed to ensure high-quality of coated products for use in architectural applications, whatever kind of coating process is used.

QUALICOAT grants approvals for systems produced by coating manufacturers worldwide, using the following criteria;

Coating System Approved Since Coating Material Gloss
Structure Finish Metallic Colours​ Approved Approval No.
PE40 Series ​02/08/2011 1 3 1 No ​Yes PE – 1030
PE42 Series ​21/08/2014 1 1 1 Yes b ​Yes PE – 1237
PE50 Series ​05/05/1992 1 3 1 No ​Yes PE – 0081
PE52 Series ​08/01/2015 1 1 1 No ​Yes PE – 1258
PE57 Series ​10/02/2016 1 3 2 No ​Yes PE – 1325