Ē-Bond Metallic Powder Coating™

Ē-bond™ metallic powder coatings are manufactured using a proprietary processes to ensure consistent finishes in a variety of metallic colours and special effects including textures, veins, and hammertones. Ē-bond™ powders are reclaimable, safe and environmentally friendly. Most importantly, Ē-bond™ is backed by the technical and service expertise that has been the hallmark of Protech/Oxyplast’s technical leadership in the powder coating industry.


■ Optimum metallic effects
■ Consistent batch to batch appearance
■ Excellent application characteristics with reduced gun-blocking and picture framing
■ Greater reclamation of over sprayed powder
■ Improved safety characteristics during application process
■ Wide choice of appearance capabilities
■ Compatible with wide variety of application equipment
■ Proprietary process of Protech/Oxyplast