PermaSlip® powders exhibit an extremely low coefficient of friction which makes them the ideal coating solution for certain applications. This low-friction characteristic allows interlocking or meshing products to slide effortlessly within each other. It can also allow shopping carts to fit together without fear of chipping. PermaSlip® powders are also formulated to produce an extremely durable and chip-resistant finish. This hardness, combined with the low coefficient of friction, makes PermaSlip® the perfect application for earth moving machinery and for commercial snow removal equipment.

Using the ASTM D4518 test method, PermaSlip® powders are proven to have a reduced friction coefficient of 35% in comparison to other standard coatings.


■ Formulated to provide excellent chemical, stain, and scratch resistance
■ Wide range of colours and textures
■ Environmentally friendly – no solvent emissions