X-Graf® ANTI-GRAFFITI Powder Coatings

Graffiti is a constant problem in our society today. Besides being unsightly, graffiti is harmful to our infrastructure and costly to remove.   X-Graf®, the Protech/Oxyplast Group’s line of anti-graffiti powder coatings, now makes it easy to clean away the eyesore that is graffiti.  These powders are formulated to allow the easy removal of graffiti using readily available solvents.  They are extremely durable, corrosion and stain resistant and demonstrate excellent weatherability.   X-Graf® powders come in a wide range of colours and textures and are the ideal application for mailboxes, highway signs, lockers or any other potential target of the graffiti vandal.

X-Graf® is available as a Structured or Smooth coating. All Gloss variations. Normal durable or Super durable.


■ Formulated to allow graffiti to be easily removed using readily available solvents.
■ Excellent stain resistance and extremely durable
■ Outstanding corrosion resistance and weatherability
■ Available in a wide range of colours and textures
■ Environmentally friendly