Protech – Oxyplast have a proud tradition of protecting and enhancing the appearance of many significant architectural projects throughout the world.

As a user or specifier you have the confidence of knowing the products meet all the requirements of industry recognised standards such as Qualicoat and GSB.

Within our range we offer;

Normal Durable Powder Coatings (PE40-Series / PE42-Series / PE50-Series & PE52-Series)

Super Durable Powder Coatings (Protech – Oxyplast Z-series™

Hyper Durable Powder Coatings (Protech – Oxyplast Sol-ar™)

Z-SERIES™ SUPER DURABLE Powder Coatings are extremely resistant to all weather conditions and are an ideal solution to a multitude of exterior applications. 

They are available from stock in a small selection of colours and finishes;

A wide range of colours and textures can be produced on request.

SOL-AR™ ARCHITECTURAL FLUOROPOLYMER Powder Coatings are high performance hyper durable powder coatings for architectural applications. These powders are manufactured using fluoropolymer resins that ensure outstanding weathering performance and excellent resistance to the damaging effects of UV light. Sol-ar™ powders demonstrate superior abrasion, corrosion and mar resistance and, unlike liquid alternatives, these powders do not require a primer.