Personal hygiene or clothing can affect the result of your powder coated material.

In some cases, defaults in powder coating are created due to the clothing or make-up habits of your staff.

As there was the case, for instance, of coating craters that were caused by hair wax. While at first sight there was no clear cause for the poor coating result, after evaluation of the process it appeared that the wax the workers were using in their hair and regularly got back in contact with because of remodelling their hair during production process, was transferred onto the metal substrates they picked up with their (waxy) hands to hang up for coating. Hair wax can contain silicon oil, which proves to be very difficult to remove. As a result, the powder no longer sticks to the soiled zones of the substrate.

Other examples of clothing contamination can be the appearance of lint in powder coating layers. Textile fibres come off the clothing and get mixed with the powder.

As much as pre-treatment of your material is required, as important is keeping up with the correct clothing instructions during the powder coating process.

Make sure that your crew wears the fit production clothing and understands the process prescriptions.

Protech-Oxyplast is available to offer you further advice. We can also assist in enlarging the awareness of your staff by means of our trainings on powder coating.