Our Range of Metallic Products.

​Our range of metallic products can be defined both on the basis of their appearance, as on their process of being produced. 

Based on appearance: 

Leafing effect 

In a metallic coating with “leafing” aluminium effect, all the aluminium particles are situated at the upper side of the coating. They form a closed film so that they are visually not distinct. This effect is more difficult to produce with tribo powder coating equipment. 

Sparkle effect 

In a “sparkle” aluminium effect, the aluminium particles are spread all over the coating. The particles are generally speaking also bigger, which results in a glittering effect. 

Based on production process: 

Metallic coatings can be produced in 3 ways. Each production method results in particular powder characteristics with regards to appearance, recycling possibilities, sensitivity of pigments in extreme environments, cost. 


Following this procedure, the metallic pigments are processed as all other traditional pigmentations. These powder coatings are fully recyclable during application. Extruded metallic powder coatings typically give a more frosted impression. 


In this procedure, the powder is first produced without metallic particles and mixed afterwards with the metallic-particles. These powders only show their effect when applied with ‘fresh’ powder (non-recuperated material). Recycling these kind of powders is more difficult as the concentration of the metallic particles can change fundamentally. Most likely, possible “spots” or “clouds” will appear when recuperated powder is being used to coat. Before coating with dry-blend powders, do consult your powder coating producer. Some coatings will require a second layer (clear coat) when the end product will be placed in a humid environment or if it is subject to friction.  


As the benefits of recyclable powder coatings are obvious, continuous development of bonded coatings (in which the metallic particles are tightly connected to the powder particles) is in process. Though beneficial regarding recycling, this method requires more handling operations during the production process. Consequently, the powder coating is more expensive. 

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