Protech – Oxyplast Anti-Corrosion Performance Matrix

We use the internationally recognised standard ISO 12944 to offer a series of effective corrosion protective powder coating systems for steel
covering a variety of different types including uncoated steel, hot-dip-galvanised steel and steel surfaces with thermally sprayed zinc coatings.

Also included is an option for aluminium.

The process involves 3 steps;​

  1. Refer to the environmental classifications C1 – C5 within the Corrosion Risk Matrix​ to correctly identify the classification for your project.
  2. ​Decide on the duration of the protection you require.
  3. ​Select your powder coating system using the Anti-Corrosion Performance Matrix​.

Remember that surface preparation is of key importance and we would encourage the use of the correct technical data sheets.


ISO 12944 is an international standard on corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems.

You can use or specify with confidence that the system will be fit for purpose.

An open-minded approach to coating selection.

A straightforward matrix of coating systems to select from.

You choose the design life.

An internationally recognised and accepted standard.


Anti-Corrosion Performance Matrix Using the matrix allows you to decide the level of duration.

– Short protection duration 2-5 years

M – Medium protection duration 5 – 15 years

L – Long protection duration > 15 years

The life expectancy values are only achievable in the case of proper maintenance and damage repair.

Download a copy of the Anti-Corrosion Performance Matrix here.

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Corrosion Risk Matrix shows environmental classifications with corrosion categories and ambient modalities for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The corrosion categories C2 – C5 are related to the corrosion protective effect.

Download a copy of the Corrosion Risk Matrix here.

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